Misconceptions Your Boss Has About Assa

Deliveries often take extra time because the post office is closed or they are not allowed to deliver to your address. The Assa  providers make the process as easy as possible to ensure everyone gets what they need, no matter where they are located.

The different types of delivery providers

It’s a common misconception that there’s only one type of delivery service, especially since many businesses don’t differentiate between the two. But in fact, there are two major types of delivery services: local providers and national providers.

Some businesses choose to use a local delivery service. This is also known as a dedicated courier. These companies specialize in delivering goods from one business or individual to another. They tend to have smaller trucks, with fewer drivers and vehicles overall. They will often have contracts with specific businesses and will only deliver for these businesses, rather than for general customers. Local delivery services are better for businesses that do not expect a very high volume of deliveries, such as a flower shop that only delivers in its local area or an electronics store that does not expect customers to buy products online (it would be hard for them to find an affordable local delivery provider).

Local delivery services LIKE Assa can be more affordable than larger national players but generally offer fewer options as far as buying multiple items in bulk, getting products delivered on specific days, or even buying gift cards online and having them sent directly to the recipient. Also keep in minds that because they are smaller, they may not accept credit cards and even if they do, you will likely pay extra fees for using plastic.