How to use bitcoins?

Bitcoins are like crypto currencies. A coin holder can send it from a user to a user without an intermediate. All the bitcoin transactions will be verified by the cryptography network. The coins are invented for the mining process. You can change it to other currencies to use it in the markets. Products and services can also be provided by the use of bitcoins. Hence, you can use the bitcoins in India by changing btc to inr.

You can do a lot of things by the use of bitcoins. To change the coins in Indian currency, btc to inr is the only way. People can get more values from the crypto currency. It can be used in different ways in various countries.

  • Selling
  • Hold
  • Convert
  • Spend
  • Donate
  • Transfer


  1. You can sell your crypto currencies from coin base. Now a day, coin base is the easy way used to sell the bitcoins
  2. Withdraw the currencies by using bankrolls or other transaction methods


  1. Crypto currencies are more valuable than other currencies. So, people are holding the bitcoins to make more money
  2. You can hold it in your wallet or in coin base account


  1. If you want to change the crypto to other you can change it with the bitcoin balances


  1. Bitcoin is becoming practical now. Use your crypto currencies wherever you want
  2. Spend it in the place of purchasing, at restaurants and other places


  1. You can also donate the coins to the poor people through the donating websites
  2. There are some crypto websites which are running to help the people


  1. It is better to transfer the bitcoins all over the world instead of transferring currencies