How important for a person to know English?

The English language plays a crucial role in communication between people of different countries and continents. When you know to read and speak this language, you can survive wherever you go. These days most of the books published in this world including, research papers, literature, and more are majorly written in this language. It is because the majority of readers know English than any other language. Since English is widely used in education, it is considered one of the main languages of the world. Though these facts, there are still people who do not know to read and speak English. Here are a few points that tell you the importance of knowing this language.

  • The first thing that makes you feel pleasure knowing English is you can communicate with other people from different walks of life.
  • Since these days a job is given to a person based on his communication skills, you can grab this chance like a boss.
  • The best part of knowing it is, it makes traveling as easy as a pie, and you can go anywhere without any worry of not knowing the native language.
  • If you are traveling for education, then you must learn English. Such that you can easily pursue your higher education. This way, you can gain a higher degree anywhere in the world with ease.

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