Getting to Know DesignSpark Mechanical More

Every designer formulates concepts and ideas differently. However, all face the same challenge when creating – time constraints. This should not keep you from being the best. You have to know that there is a tool that you can use to help you visualise your ideas as soon as you imagine them – DSM (DesignSpark Mechanical).

What is DSM?

For beginner designers, DSM is a free 3D CAD (Computer-aided Design) solid modeling tool. It is a product of collaboration between RS Components and the SpaceClaim Corporation. Basically, the goal of the tool is to offer a 3D CAD software with different features of high-end software. It seeks to engage designers who do not need or cannot afford premium branded 3D CAD software. Small businesses and engineers can greatly benefit from this software.

Does it support rapid prototyping?

You should know that DSM supports rapid prototyping through SpaceClaim’s 3D direct modeling method with the use of Pull, Move, Fill and Combine tools. These tools permit users to interact with 3D objects like modeling clay.

How about the 3D CAD library?

DSM’s 3D model library is hosted by Traceparts. In the library, you have access to 75,000 3D models from different suppliers. If you want to try this one, you just need to click on the “Design” tab of the DSM then you can start looking for your preferred part.

What are the add-on modules?

The add-on modules are paid. In a DesignSpark Mechanical tutorial, you get to see full support of popular 3D file formats (export and import file type like STEP and IGES). On top of that, you get to experience an associative drawing environment. The add-on modules also incorporated cosmetic Threading, Annotations, GD&T and many more.

What about the import and export formats available?

When it comes to import formats available, it includes STEP (read-only), ECAD (IDF, IDB, and EMN), RSDOC, OBJ, SKP, STL, TXT, JPG, BMP, and PNG. When it comes to export formats available, it includes 3D PDF (facets only), RSDOC, AMF, DXF, OBJ, SKP, STL, JPG, and PNG.

Is Internet access needed for this software?

You have to know that the software is periodically checked to ensure that the user is still registered on DSM. If the software cannot verify the user because it is not connected to the Internet, it will continue notifying for 30 days then give notice that it will stop working after 30 more days. With this, it is critical that you ensure you are connected to the Internet at least once every 30 days.

rapid prototyping

What are the top reasons why many professionals consider DSM?

DSM is not just chosen because it is free. It is chosen for many reasons. Tops reasons include:

 1. It allows unlimited changes: DSM allows designers to design and modify without limitations. If you consider paper or outdated 2D-CAD tools, it can be frustrating. With this, you can effectively collaborate with other professionals, customers and business parts around the globe.

2. 3D printing is a must-have: these days, 3D printing is not only “nice to have” but also a “must have”. In developing a prototype, DSM exports directly to STL – the standard format for 3D printing.

3. It allows you to import parts from online libraries: with DSM, you can model existing parts because it allows you to import parts from RS Components and Allied Electronics. As a designer, you just need to import existing models from 75,000 models.

4. It connects electronic and mechanical design: with DSM, you can actually import circuit files from EDA tools such as DS-PCB. This will allow you to change or create an enclosure around the electronic aspect of your design.

5. You do not have to be a CAD expert: the truth is, you do not have to be a CAD expert to use DSM. This is because of its intuitive gesture-based modeling, which allows you to create complex geometry from scratch. If you are serious about it, you will be an expert in a short time.

Is there any software that you need to consider?

For other designing needs, you can consider RPG Maker and SuperPro Designer. RPG Maker MV is software that allows the user to create an RPG (Role-playing Game) without special knowledge. RPG Maker MV features include creating audiovisual templates, intuitive and convenient working environment and many more. It would be beneficial if you watch a tutorial to be familiar with the application and its features.

SuperPro Designer software, on the other hand, can be used by many organisations and companies from different fields like Pharmaceutical, Air Pollution Control, Consumer Goods, Foods, Water Purification and any more. When you look at it closely, it allows the engineers to forecast future performance of machine or plant. It can help create strict and precise models of machines. With this, the engineers are able to foretell the behavior of machines in real conditions.