Everything you should know about 3d printing Singapore’s price

3D printing is not inexpensive. Despite several articles suggesting that 3d printing singapore price is the best option for producing a one-off prototype, you may still receive an unexpectedly expensive estimate when you inquire well about 3D printing costs in Singapore.

For example, we are frequently asked how much it costs to 3D print a 5cm item. The quick answer is that there is no set cost. It all relies on various criteria, including the size of your 3D model, the material used, and finishing needs. As a result, the price of a modest 3D printed object, say 5cm, can range from $5 to $500.

Factors Influencing 3D Printing Prices1. Material Price

Material for Cubicon PC 3D Printing

The cost of 3D printing is determined by the material used. Aside from the standard ABS and PLA, several more industrial materials with particular purposes would be more expensive.  ABS-ESD7, for example, is a static-dissipative polymer that may be used in the electronics sector. This material would be significantly more expensive to print with than standard ABS.


Some of your pieces may require post-processing if you want a particular finish. Post-processing after 3D printing can help you obtain a variety of finished results. Metalization (colored/silver/gold), polishing to optic clear, and spray paint to the precise Pantone hue you desire are all options. Additive3D Asians, the first firm in Southeast Asia to provide this technology, has just made an enhanced post-processing procedure known as Vapor Smoothing accessible. After undergoing the chemical vapor smoothing procedure, your products will be more robust, sealed versus liquids and gases, and have an injected molding-like surface quality.