Choosing the Photo Booth – Digital or Film?

Customers who want to rent the photobooth ask which is the right option better: old-fashioned film or digital. Answer is on the person. Every kind has got their benefits and drawbacks.

Classic and vintage style of film booth offers them the high “cool” factor, as well as their photos look good. Unluckily, because of rise of the digital Singapore photo booth, the film booths are actally becoming tough to find. Suppose you manage to find the film booth for the event, there’re a few other factors that you must be totally aware before you make the final choice.

Make the Right Selection

The film booths are much slower to print compared to digital booths; this takes those around three minutes to develop the photo. They’re highly expensive to function and, weighing over 900lbs, more costly to transport as well as tough to bring in some buildings. The added costs will make the film booths expensive to rent compared to the digital booth.

Whenever you take any picture in the film photo booth, resulting photo strip will be one-of-its-kind. The film booths are not able to store the copy of images. As process is totally mechanical, then there are not any stored files as well as any negatives. Every strip developed is very unique; there won’t be another copy. It is a part of what makes this film booth experience very special; however it will have the drawbacks if you’re trying to put together the scrapbook of the event. Suppose you use film booth as well as your guests don’t leave you the copy for scrapbook, you won’t see the pictures.