Allure your visitors with a solid wooden door

It is quite admittable that a solid wooden door is likelier to impress your peers than any other door. Install it in your main entrance and observe the instant uplift of aesthetic feel to the interior design. Besides looks, a solid door would provide durability, sound insulation and several other merits.

The material used in a solid core door

Solid core doors are typically carved out from wooden panels from the same species of trees and are joined together with adhesives. Thereafter it is given a proper painting process to give the final look.

Maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, alder and other wooden logs are used around the world to construct these doors. Mahogany is the most sought-after for solid wood doors. They emit a vintage charm and go well with any and every kind of interior design.

Benefits of solid core doors

  • Speak of Strength – made of hardwood, these doors have the ability to resist sudden shock such as a loud banging, strong winds, burglary attempts, rusting or even upto some scale of earthquakes.
  • Last long – door damage cases are rare in case of solid core doors. Every hardwood product exhibit far greater longevity than doors made from other materials.
  • Blends well with every décor style – beside a luxurious appeal, these doors can be paired up with any interior décor style.
  • Are good insulators – For thermal and acoustic insulation, solid wooden doors are the best in the lot for their grain density and mass.

Reap long-lasting security and other premium utilities with solid wooden doors.