Additional information on the construction of the sunrooms

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The advantages of a veranda

If you are thinking of requesting a quote for verandare your balcony or terrace , you are probably trying to make the most of the outdoor spaces of your home. In fact, building a veranda allows you to make the most of outdoor spaces making them practicable even in the winter seasons. But not only that, a veranda can also bring an aesthetic value to the home, there are in fact numerous solutions in terms of structures and materials that are well suited to any type of home. Finally, the veranda allows you to enjoy the sensation of being outdoors without being at the mercy of atmospheric agents or pollution.

Construction of the veranda

The materials used are, Aluminum . Relatively inexpensive material compared to other options, weatherproof and available in multiple colors and styles. However, not having a great thermal output, the aluminum veranda is not suitable in cases where there are large variations in temperature with the outside.

Wood . Excellent from the point of view of aesthetics and insulation. It is not the cheapest of the solutions especially in the case of some customizations or use of precious woods.

PVC . Widely used material also in window frames for its excellent quality / price ratio and for its insulation properties. Simple from an aesthetic point of view, it is difficult to obtain great aesthetic results.

Masonry . Logically, the brick veranda offers great structural solidity and excellent insulation performance. However, being an extension of the house, the costs are higher than the other solutions and it is a more complex intervention from the point of view of permits.